WOWY SuperGym TutorialThe WOWY SuperGym is one of my favorite DAILY activities at Team Beachbody.  Yet, it is one of the activities that my customers don’t always do.  I think with a little guidance, and encouragement, I can  change this trend.  🙂  I want to start by providing this easy to follow tutorial to get you started.  Download the tutorial here.  I want to share a few of the reasons I use the WOWY SuperGym, and maybe you will find them worthwhile too!

First, it’s free to play.  When you signed up at Team Beachbody, or purchased your product, you should have received a login/pass.  If you’re not sure or don’t remember, go to, and at the top right, click Sign in.  Then on the following page, click on the Forgot Password link.  If you have not yet signed up for your free account.  Go to:, which is my coach page, and click JOIN.  At some point, it will say that RTHARDEN is your coach, that’s me!

Okay, so you have your free account, and you have downloaded the WOWY Tutorial, and now you can start using WOWY.  My motivations are pretty simple.

One, if you upload a picture of yourself, any favorite picture will do, then you are eligible to win cash and prizes.  I know this is true because I received a check from Beachbody for $300 just for playing WOWY.

Two, Wowy tracks your progress with a calendar.  I like this because I can look at the calendar and make sure I’m on track.  Now this is easy for me, because I’m a fitness fanatic, but for those of you that are just starting out, I always ENCOURAGE people to set a goal for 5 workouts a week.  You can use a printed calendar or WOWY to accomplish this task, just look at your calendar and make sure you’re on track.  You can see the colored days on my calendar, which shows my workout days.

Last of all, you can work out with friends and buddies.  When you login to WOWY, look for me, if I’m your coach, I should already be a “buddy” in your list, if I’m not, do a search for RTHARDEN, and add me!  Then you can say Hi during your workouts.

If you have any trouble with WOWY, or have any questions, contact me below, I’m always happy to help!  There is also an FAQ for all sorts of questions regarding WOWY.  Here’s the WOWY FAQ link.  So that’s about all, enjoy the WOWY Tutorial, email me with questions, and I’ll see YOU in the WOWY SuperGym!

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