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Don’t buy Shakeology until you have read this page! I can show you how to get Shakeology at a BIG discount, AND make some extra money while you’re at it.

You may have heard of Shakeology. If not let me give you a quick introduction. The Shakeology meal replacement drink by Beachbody is a delicious, daily nutritional shake that gently helps your body eliminate toxins while improving essential vitamin and nutrient absorption. Drinking a daily Shakeology shake has been shown to lower cholesterol, improve digestion and regularity, boost energy levels, and dramatically increase weight loss. Not only does Shakeology provide enormous nutritional benefits, it can also provide some financial benefits as well. Before we get into that, I would like you to watch this short video on Shakeology and the benefits of just one shake a day. To the right, you can also see that numerous doctors have already began endorsing Shakeology.

Now that you are aware of the nutritional benefits, let’s talk about the financial benefits and how you can ultimately make enough money to pay for your Shakeology, and then some.

A 30 day supply of Shakeology costs $129.95. (If you purchased the ingredients separately it would cost almost $500 per month).

A Beachbody coach (distributor) receives a 25% discount on ALL products, not just Shakeology. But for this example, we will be using ONLY Shakeology. But keep in mind, you have many more products in which to distribute! Which is the exciting thing about this opportunity. Beachbody spends over 7 million a year on programs that you have probably seen on TV. Such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, etc. They advertise for you! Learn more about the Beachbody Opportunity here.

No other company does this!

So to become a Beachbody coach, you have a one time $40 fee. This fee gets you started with the business starter pack, which you will receive in the mail. It also includes your monthly website and coach office fee of $14.95. Then each month there after you have a $14.95 fee to maintain your sites. Examples of those sites are shown below. This fee is also waived, if you decide to purchase a challenge pack. (A fitness program combined with Shakeology, a huge savings BTW).

Nice right?

Now as an official Beachbody coach, you are then eligible to receive Shakeology for $97.46. When you become a Beachbody Coach, you get 2 professionally made websites in which to retail your products, such as Shakeology. (Those shown above). Customers that order from your site(s), will pay retail, and then Beachbody will pay you a 25% commission.

But let’s talk dollars and cents.Let’s say that you were a coach/distributor, and you sold 2 orders of Shakeology. Two customers went into one of your two stores, and placed an order. Now Beachbody would fill the order, take payment, handle all customer concerns. You have no product to store, no overhead, and nothing left to do, but simply share the health benefits of a product that EVERYONE needs. And by doing that, Beachbody will direct deposit your 25% commission into your checking account. In the example below, just 2 customers = $60. (approximately). Not bad for only 2 orders.

But you still haven’t paid for your Shakeology just yet. Let’s say you were overly ambitious and sold 3 orders of Shakeology. What then? Let’s take a look at the next example.

Now you’ve made enough to pay for your Shakeology. But if you’re like me, paying for you own Shakeology is well worth the price, and that $97.46 is just icing on the cake! Not to mention you have helped 3 other people take a positive step forwards in their health and fitness! But if you really want to be aggressive, and look at this Beachbody Coach Opportunity, for what it really is….. a golden opportunity, then let’s keep going.

What if you were able to find just 2 customers a month that wanted to improve their health. With the nationwide obesity trends being at an all time high, there are numerous people that need you, need me, need someone… to motivate them, help them, encourage them to improve their lives. So you go out and you find just two a month. At the end of the year, you have 24 customers. If you continue to support and encourage those customers over the year, and they become repeat customers, in other words, want to continue in their new found healthy lifestyle, and continue to purchase Shakeolgy. What would you have then? You would have made an additional revenue of over $4,600 dollars! Now this alone isn’t going to allow you to quit your job, but Christmas might be a little bit nicer. Or you might be able to pay for your own new fitness lifestyle with your new supplemental income. But $4,600 might also pay off that car, or be a down payment on a new car. It could be a family vacation that you never had the chance to take before. You are now dangerously close to living just part of those dreams that you didn’t think were possible. Dare to dream!

Now I know some of you might be a little hesitant, you might say, “but Robert…. I can’t get two a month”. Now for me, two a month isn’t that hard, and it’s certainly not a lofty goal. I’m not a “go getter”, a “salesman”, far from it. But two a month is easy for me. But for the sake of argument, let’s say you get one. Just one a month. If you follow the same business model, and get one a month, help one person change their life, live a better life. You get one. Everybody can do one! That one a month will get you just shy of $2,400. Now I’ll take that any day, and would love to supplement my lifestyle with just $2,400 per year.

But have you already started thinking about the 2nd year? Or the third? I’m being a “minimalist”. I’m showing you an example of one year, and one product. What about more than one product, more than one month? Your opportunity is limited ONLY by your effort. You have top selling products and infomercials to back you up. Beachbody is your marketing company, they do it for you! 7 million dollars worth for you! Even better….. The Beachbody coach opportunity goes beyond my example here. This is just one revenue opportunity.

I can’t tell you what a life change I have made since I started my business! But I want to share more with you. You have the benefit of my experience, you get to leverage the experience of my entire team, with over 30 years in marketing and home business. Don’t wait any longer, today is the day for you to make a change. I want you to take a minute and think about what you would do with $2,400, or $4,600 extra dollars. What if you made that next year? What if you eventually made that in a month? Would your dreams be possible then? Can you see that dreams are possible? That they are within your reach? I want you to ask yourself….. If you continued to follow the exact same path for the next 5 years…. will you be any closer to reaching your dreams? Or living them?

I’m willing to help you. Coach you. Walk with you, or run with you, whatever you want to do. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. But it starts with

Nothing starts until you decide to step forward, and be the change you have been looking for. I’m not saying this is easy money. This is like any business, the more effort you put in your business, the more return you have on your investment. But TIME is MONEY, and today, I’d like to help you get started.

If you have questions, would like to talk with me by phone, or just want more information, contact me below. Please understand that the commission structure used as an example above is approximate. It would be impossible for me to get taxes, interests, percentages, etc exactly right. 🙂

If you are as excited as I am about this opportunity, and are ready to get started, click the link below:

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