Financial Benefits of signing up as a Shakeology Coach vs. buying Shakeology as a Club Member, or remaining a Shakeology Retail Customer

Retail Customer

As a retail customer you are able to purchase Shakeology through your Team Beachbody Coach’s website(s).  Your retail cost per month is $119.95 plus shipping and handling and tax, bringing your approximate total to $135.00

Beachbody Club Member

As a Beachbody Club member (paid membership), you receive a 10% discount on all Beachbody programs, nutritional products, and merchandise.  Your cost for Shakeology monthly would be $107.96 plus shipping and handling and tax, bringing your total to approximately $120.00

Become a Coach

One time $39.95 start up fee to become a coach.  Coaches receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody exercise programs, nutritionals, and merchandise.

Once you’re a Coach, sign up for Shakeology with Home Direct (HD).  Your Shakeology is now $89.96 with FREE shipping for the life of the order, plus you’ll receive two free gifts (Two Shakeology workouts – The 30 and The 50 – respectively named for their duration.  You’ll also receive a free shaker cup at the time your 2nd order of Shakeology ships).  Combined with your coach sign-up fee, for Month #1 your cost is roughly $135.00, the same as you would pay as a Retail Customer.

Month #2 on….  $14.95 recurring business service fee for maintaining your two Team Beachbody Coach website, plus $89.96 for Shakeology.  As a Coach you are now paying roughly $110 (including tax)!

As mentioned above – your OWN two websites:

Anyone that you would refer to your website(s) (that signs up or makes a purchase through your site) becomes YOUR customer, and you earn income from their orders.  If you sponsor coaches yourself, you can also qualify to earn additional bonuses based on overall business volume.

If you are interested in making a residual income besides getting yourself healthy and fit, being a coach offers several different opportunities to earn money.  For further information, or to sign up as a Coach today, contact the Coach that provided you with this document.

*Note*  You can sign up for Shakeology HD with ANY of the above referenced means, but you will save the MOST money by doing so as a coach!

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