Let’s talk a minute about Shakeology.  And specifically about whether or not Shakeology is too expensive, or whether or not you can afford it.

But please don’t misunderstand, I’m going to spend very little time trying to convince you why you should buy Shakeology. Instead, I’m going to spend more time on why I buy Shakeology, and why I have been doing so for the last two years.

If you were to simply google “Shakeology Expensive”, you’ll get 818,000 responses. That’s as of right now…. today. I’m sure that number will continue to grow. If you took the time to read some of these articles, you would find that most of those people are actually buying Shakeology, drinking Shakeology daily, and recommending Shakeology to you. That’s a lot of people recommending the product!

Did you know that Shakeology is the #1 supplement sold by Beachbody?  It is, and for good reason. I’ve included some videos in this article, the first two are excellent videos that go into detail on why Shakeology is so good for you.

Here’s my take on Shakeology. I’m a super busy guy, and I have very little time or patience for putting together a meal. This is one less meal per day that I have to cook or prepare. I drink the chocolate flavor (love it), and I drink it on a daily basis, usually with natural peanut butter. Tastes like, YEP, you guessed it … chocolate and peanut butter.

Another big reason, I hate to prepare veggies. I don’t mind veggies so much, but I do hate cooking them and preparing them.  It’such a hassle. So naturally, the idea of getting a full days supply of veggies in a Reese’s Peanut Butter tasting shake simply APPEALS to me. So now I get the benefit of getting all the nutritional benefits of veggies, and a lot more, in one shake. So you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t chop up a head of broccoli, and steam it, or whatever at supper time. I bet you can probably examine your daily meal plan, and realize that you are missing out on the recommended amounts of veggies.  Nutrition is fuel.  Nutrition keeps you healthy and fit.  Nutrition fights off sickness and disease.  You can’t put a price tag on that!

One of the biggest reasons of all….I love LOVE love my family. My kids are the best. I want to do anything and everything to live as long as possible, to watch them grow, to see what they become, and maybe some day (GOD willing) have grandchildren. My single most motivating factor in my health and fitness are my kids. I exercise to be fit and healthy, I don’t want to be a “sideline” dad. I can play on the playground as long as they can. 🙂 The second equation to health and fitness is nutrition. Shakeology is not the one and only thing, but it does start there. I watch my calories, I watch my sugar, my carbs, my protein, everything is factored in. Shakeology has shown to reduce cholesterol, improve energy, improve digestion, is low on the glycemic index, helps to lower cardiovascular risk, AND is packed with antioxidants, 23 vitamins and minerals, protein, digestive enzymes, essential amino acids, and helps me control my weight. Bottom line: This seems like a great way to maintain nutritional health.  I’ll take my bag of Shakeology every month, it’s not a gamble for me.

Now, I’ll admit…. In the beginning, I too struggled with the price. But as a Beachbody coach, I felt that it was important for me to try this product, to be fair to my customers. I will never recommend a product that I do not personally use myself.  Just will not do it.  So I started on Shakeology. I personally decided that I didn’t like Greenberry as much as Chocolate. But yet, I have had many customers say they like Greenberry. So I started drinking Shakeology on a regular basis, and after several months, I canceled my Home Direct order. (I decided on the autoship Home Direct option for the free shipping). It wasn’t because I didn’t like the taste, or that I didn’t believe in the product. It was simply money. I went without Shakeology for a few months, but I can tell you, I just didn’t feel as good. I knew I was missing out on nutrition, and I knew that was affecting my overall performance, and it came right down to: How much do I value my health? I knew that Shakeology could fill in that nutritional gap, I made a personal decision to start my autoship again, and this was two years ago, and I have been on Shakeology ever since. I’m a fan. I will always be a fan, and that’s why I recommend it for you.

Now that doesn’t change the price. Shakeology didn’t go on SALE, and that’s not why I decided to resume my autoship. Shakeology is hands down the healthiest meal of the day, and for good reason. That’s actually THE reason Shakeology costs what it does. It’s not the healthiest meal of the day for nothing. It’s the highest quality meal replacement shake on the market. So Shakeology still had an expense. But is Shakeology too expensive? That was my big set back, and I was the only one that could get me past that set back. If you’re reading this article, I would assume this is a big set back for you too. Well, nothing I say will change that. But let me tell you what helped me. After tons of research, I was convinced that Shakeology was worth the expense, especially considering all the nutritional and health benefits of the shake. But I had to convince myself, that part of me that said, “Are you really going to spend $4 dollars a day on Shakeology?” Here’s what I did:

First, let’s address the price tag. I had to change my way of thinking, and so do you. When you buy a $5 value meal at McDonald’s, you don’t think about the price. When you buy a $4 Starbucks coffee, or energy drink at a gas station, you don’t think about price. When you buy donuts on a Saturday morning, you don’t think about price. Not to mention, all of those things are crap. They do NOTHING for your health, and have no nutritional value whatsoever. So why do we hesitate on the $4 for Shakeology that is jam packed with nutritional value. We have to change our way of thinking. Sure you don’t notice the $5 here, and the few bucks there, but its adding up. I think when we look at the month supply, 30 MEALS, and see a price tag of $119, we second guess ourselves. But its a month supply! Take it off your grocery money, after all, its 30 less meals you have to buy. Maybe you don’t think you spend $119 on junk food per month, maybe you don’t. But chalk the rest up for being healthy. Because I guarantee, you’ll feel better, go to the doctor less, and live longer. That is worth the price in my book, and in the long run, you SAVE big time!

Second, I decided that I could cut out some of the other miscellaneous crappy supplements out of my cupboard. So that statement right there tells you something. Shakeology is on my “Must Have” list. And as such, I cut out the supplements that were on my “Would Like to Have” list. My Must Have List: Activit Multi-Vitamins, Shakeology, Protein, Creatine, P90X Recovery Formula, and a Pre-Workout Formula (like Jack3d). Everything else is secondary and only if my budget allows.

What could you cut from your daily or monthly budget that would off set your expense? First of all, if you’re thinking about Shakeology, then nutrition, or the “idea” of improving your nutrition must be on your mind. So you can cut things like fast food. You don’t need that type of food anyway. Cut out pop, diet drinks, and wasted empty calories those things bring. Cut our junk food from your grocery list. No ice cream, cake, cookies, chips, JUNK. Cut out some of your frivolous spending. You know you have some wasted dollars floating around that you can cut back on. But please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not telling you how to spend your money, or budget your money. I’m simply asking you, How important is your health? When you’re feeling great, no worries right? But what about when you get sick, or you hear about a friend getting sick, or life altering disease. That’s when you vow to make changes. Let’s be proactive here. Bottom line: Don’t let the expense stop you, when you know that there are things you can do to make your health a priority, and it should be. Most of you have been to a grocery store lately too. Prices are expensive there too.

Last thing. Shakeology has a money back guarantee. CRAZY. I mean think about it. Do you know ANYONE, ANY STORE, that will let you consume the entire product, and then give you your money back? This is what Beachbody offers. You order a month supply, and if you so decide, you can send it back and get a full refund. Somebody find me another consumable product company out there that does that. Anyone? Bueller? Take that into consideration when shopping other meal replacements too!

Okay, I’ve rambled enough, I’ve got some videos below to help you get more educated on the product should you need more research, (not to mention a ton of blog posts), but if you decide to try Shakeology, remember the guarantee. Awesome. Oh….. and my health. Never felt better… in my life. I’m stronger now than ever, and I can’t remember the last time I missed a day of work due to the common cold, flu, sickness, etc. Do I give all the credit to Shakeology? Of course not. A good exercise program, a healthy diet, Shakeology, and most of all, God’s Blessings.

Should you decide you want to try Shakeology. I have several smaller packages for you to try, starting at $7. But honestly, this should only be for those of you that are curious about the taste. Chocolate is my favorite. You can also order a full 30 day supply at this link too. Here’s a secret. Go to my affiliate link with Beachbody. Order a 30 day supply on autoship (home direct). This starts you on automatic monthly shipments and payments. The great thing about autoship is free shipping. Each month and every month, plus two free gifts. You can check those out at this link too. But here’s the cool part. You try it for 30 days, and if you don’t like it. You simply call Beachbody at 800-470-7870, and cancel before the 30th day. Beachbody will cancel the autoship, and refund the money. But they don’t refund shipping, but that’s why you started with the autoship. 🙂 Free shipping, and you tried Shakeology for absolutely free. But I’m guessing, you’re gonna love it, like I do, and the rest is history. Improved health and nutrition, longer life, and weight loss! Plus, by ordering from my affiliate link, or even here at my store, I am here to help, and that’s free too!

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